Best Work by an Emerging Photographer | Nominee

Reyad Abedin

Dhaka / BD

The Name of my City is dust and smoke and life


For us, the Homo sapiens, there is a continuous interaction with the nature, which makes us what we are, and at the same time, decides what the non-human domain will be like. The influence of nature in the form of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the flow of energy and information. Any unmediated intervention or radical change in the environment does not only result in devastating effects but also pose a threat to the human race itself. We do not and, possibly, cannot exist in absolute isolation.
Dhaka the city I live in at present is going through major infrastructural changes without considering the ecological impact this rapid change is going to cause. Dhaka’s trend in rapid development has created a different problem altogether in another direction. It has already left a devastating effect on the ecological balance of the environment in and around the city itself.


I was born & raised in Noakhali, a Southeastern district of Bangladesh. After my higher secondary, I shifted to Dhaka for my higher education. After completing my bachelor's degree, a serious passion about photography lead me to decide, pursue photography as my profession. Latter following an interest in storytelling, I studied at Counter Foto-A Center for Visual Arts, Dhaka. Alongside with social issue, I am deeply influenced by nature, environment, memories, place, and identities, so I tried to explore these subjects in my work.

Education history:

Post Graduate Degree in photography (2017- 2018)
Ba (Hons) in Apparel manufacturing management (2011-2016).


I was a part of the International Student Exchange Program between Counter Foto Bangladesh and RKM Vidyamandira at Kolkata, workshop conducted by, Saiful Huq Omi and Soumya Sankar Bose.
Multimedia Workshop by CJ Clark.
Photography Workshop by GMB Akash
Selected for Sony Student Photographer of the Year 2020
Winner Sony Student Focus Grant
Finalist Ian Parry Scholarship


ICP concerned- Global Image for Global Crisis, New York, 2020
Somerset House, London, 2020
Park In Place for Public, Counter Foto A Center for Visual Arts, Dhaka, 2019
Focus on Culture, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, 2016