Founded in 1895 in Burg Gretesch, Osnabrück, Felix Schoeller is now in its sixth generation as a family company. The company is currently led by Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, a member of the fifth generation of the family. Since its founding, Felix Schoeller has concentrated on the production of specialty papers. The first products were silver halide photographic papers for the emerging photographic segment. The customers for these papers were professional photographers and international concerns like Agfa Gevaert in Belgium. Further prominent customers were to follow: Kodak, Fuji, Polaroid, and many others. With the spread of photography into a broader spectrum of users, Felix Schoeller advanced to become the world’s largest manufacturer of photographic base papers – in time, almost every second photo printed was on papers made by the company in Osnabrück. Today, the Felix Schoeller Group leads the world in the production of high-tech specialty papers for premium digital printing. The core competence of Felix Schoeller is not reflected as strongly as here in any other product segment. This is why the Felix Schoeller Group made the decision to launch an international award for exceptional photography, that was first presented in 2013 and, since then, invites submissions from professional photographers every two years. For photographers, being nominated for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award means belonging to the creme de la creme of photography and standing as an inspiration to others. In the special category titled ‘Best work by an emerging photographer’, we give young and promising talents the chance to get their work published in the highest quality together with the work of photographers from around the globe, some of whom have already been honored with important awards and prizes.

British Journal of Photography

The multi-award winning British Journal of Photography is the world’s longest running photography publication, showcasing the work of the most important pioneers of the art form since 1854. Now, with a global print and digital audience of 1M+, the British Journal of Photography is recognised by professional photographers, photography lovers and collectors alike, as the leading source of inspiration and insight into the best cutting-edge contemporary photography.


PROFIFOTO is Germany’s leading publication for professional photographers and budding professionals. Month on month PROFIFOTO publishes breaking news about all the latest photo technology and professional photography in its magazine of over 100 pages. Both its lavish portfolios of high-calibre photographic work and itsexploration of creative, professional, cultural and technical aspects of photography are a firm part of its editorial policy.

PROFIFOTO is one of the co-founders of adf, Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie e.V., and a member of the Technical Image Press Association, TIPA, which presents the highly sought after TIPA Award each year for the world’s best photography and imaging products.


The German Photographic Association (DGPh) is an organisation primarily committed to promoting the cultural aspects of photography and related visual media. Its 1000-strong membership consists of highly respected personalities on the German and international photography scene, who share the common goal of promoting photography’s standing among the general public. The association also has a communications role, working to publicise ground-breaking photographic achievements. To this end, DGPh has founded numerous prizes and awards to honour institutions and individuals in the world of photography for work that is outstanding in terms of its visual or journalistic quality, its contribution to science, or its impact on society.


Established in 1969, BFF – the German Association of Freelance Photographers – has been synonymous with top-quality professional photography in Germany for 45 years and ranks as one of the most highly respected photographers' associations in Europe. The association currently represents the interests of more than 500 exclusively freelance photographers, film makers, and college and university lecturers. According to the statutes “ ... the Association is responsible for representing and safeguarding the mutual interests of freelance photographers and filmmakers. The purpose of the Association is, in particular, to uphold and promote the working conditions and financial situations of its members.” The responsible people in the association have avidly pursued this goal over the last 45 years and have been highly successful in achieving it. This, along with the Association's photographic and artistic authority, is a key factor in BFF’s exceptional standing among professional photographic associations both in Germany and abroad.

City of Osnabrück

The award ceremony for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award will take place in the Museum Quarter of the City of Osnabrück. This will also be the venue for the exhibition of the work of the nominees and winners. This is an exceptional venue for an exceptional event!

The architecture of the museum ensemble - with the Felix Nussbaum Haus designed by Daniel Libeskind contrasting with the Neoclassical museum that dates back to 1890 – encapsulates the tension between avant-garde and tradition. The exhibition of the prizewinning work in the Felix Schoeller Photo Award in the museum’s historical Oberlichtsaal will reflect this tension: work of avant-garde photographers will be showcased in galleries steeped in 125 years of tradition.