German Peace Prize for Photography | Nominee

Reto Klar

Berlin / DE

Life between home and hell: Refugees in Camp Moria on Lesbos


I asked refugees to show me their last cell phone photo from happy days in their homeland. I then photographed this photo in the hand of the owner. As a counter-image, I took a current picture of the refugees in their current situation in the camp and photographed how they are living now. With the series I wanted to show that the refugees had a life before they fled, and they are people just like us. I hope to be able to give them back a little dignity with this series of photos.


Reto Klar was born on March 24, 1967 in Buxtehude.
He completed his traineeship at dpa under his father.
With pictures from his Hamburg series, he published his first book Hamburger Moments (1991). After that, other books appeared, including Hamburg - Das Bilderbuch (1997), Hoher Himmel- Weites Land. North German Panoramic Landscapes (2001), Camera Obscura - Germany's Castles and Palaces (2003), Invisible: From Life on the Street - Portrait of the Homeless (2014). Polaroit: Celebrities in the instant photo (2017)
2015 Reto Klar won the Hansel Rental Prize for the multimedia report "Invisible from life on the street"

Reto Klar was a photo reporter for various magazines and newspapers, including for Axel Springer die Welt and die Welt am Sonntag. Since 2014 he has been the photo editor in chief and chief photographer of the Funke media group / Berliner Morgenpost. Focus: portraits of politicians, actors and artists. Reto Klar lives with his family in Berlin.