Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Nick Frank




The air bears the soft and sweet aroma of candyfloss.
Brightly-coloured gingerbread hearts and sparkling lights, as far as the eye can see.
In my heart, the yearning for what was once upon a time and may never change.
The feeling of belonging and constancy, no matter how fast the roundabout turns...

We don’t see what is, we see how everything should be:
Nick Frank’s collection, ‘Erinnerung’ (Memories) is an homage to traditions in an age of change Bright, colourful, lively, melancholic, emotive, the feeling of belonging – and a playfully captivating journey into a world of personal fantasy. What counts are the images we bear in our hearts, our powers of imagination and our memories. A joy of life that is born in our minds and is the source of personal feelings.

All these images were captured in the early morning, between 6.30 and 8 a.m.