Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Naman Protick Sarker


What Remains


It was in the afternoon.

I was sitting on my grandpa's couch. The door was slightly open and I saw light filtering through, washed out between the white door and white walls. All of a sudden it all started making sense. I could relate what I was seeing with what I felt.

John and Prova, my grandparents, provided me with much love and care while growing up. They were young and strong. As time went by it shaped everything in its own way. Bodies took on different forms and relations grew apart. Grandma's hair turned grey, the walls started peeling off and the objects were all that remained behind. Everything was contained in one single room.

They always loved the fact that I took pictures of them, because then I spent more time with them and they didn't feel lonely any longer. After Prova passed away, I tried to visit more in order to talk with John. He told me stories of their early life and how they met. There are so many stories.

Here, life is silent, suspended. Everything is on hold. Waiting for something that I don't completely understand!