Architecture / Industry | Nominee

Peter Franck




A settlement by the sea, built from simple, recovered materials. A settlement that marks the end of a cosmos. What exactly happened here? Is it merely a camp site with driftwood huts? One always feels watched when taking pictures there.

The dark shadows in the images reflect the mysterious atmosphere. Although the huts stand close to the sea, they communicate no feelings of freedom or a life of ease . They transport a feeling of uncertainty, danger and isolation. What stories can this place tell, what fates lie hidden behind the unfriendly and often fortress-like facades.

Unprotected against the wind and the sun, these edifices crouch in the hot sand like sculptures.

Perhaps a sect waiting for the arrival of their messiah? Observation posts on the landing strip for the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial culture? Border posts or supply camps. Monoliths akin to mausoleums and graves. The pictures shown here wish to tell the stories that may lie behind the architecture they depict.

In this, they take the path from object to image to arrive at a picture that each viewer creates in their own mindís eye. A door opens. We step through it into a darkened room.....