Photojournalism / Editorial Photography | Nominee

Antonio Aragon Renuncio


Sorcière. The Soul Eaters


Les Sorcires... the witches... the soul eaters! In Burkina Faso. In the middle of the deep savannah. Far from everything. Close to nowhere!

Even today in the Mossi tribal culture, many women are accused of being witches by their neighbours, simply because they assume that they are responsible for any misfortune that happens in the village. Because of sheer nonsense. Blamed for ignorance, for having disabilities, for superstition, or simply revenge

They hunt them into their houses, bloodlust, wishing their death, in the middle of the savannah. Many of them have been killed by the hand of their family, others have committed suicide before being protagonists of an evil orgy of suffering and blood. The luckiest manage to escape from the social 'justice' and its bleak future. A sneaky ... stealth ... hopeless, destroyed and lonely course.

And they come this far, to the village of the 'witches'. Overcrowded. Sleeping and eating thanks to the charity of some kind heart on the floor. With their few belongings piled at their feet.
Ill, old, forgotten, illiterate, exiled, and of course ... alone.
Another hell for women. Women always, always cursed ...

Always alone.