Best Work by an Emerging Photographer | Nominee

Jakob Schnetz


Trade Show


Germany is not only the world champion amongst the exporting nations. It is also a world champion for trade fairs.

The latest products, the most efficient services and the best know-how are presented, extolled and marketed on 2,750,000 square metres of hall space.

Trade fairs are the mirror-image of a globalised, performance and consumption oriented service-based economy and there are fairs for every interest group and industry: weapons, carpets, erotica, pets, art, babies, jewellery, livestock, IT, tourism, cars etc.

These venues for perfected marketing are characterised by standardised backdrops, live shows, men in suits and fiercely fought battles for customers. Every year, these showcase events in Germany rake in revenues of 23 billion euros.

With annual visitor figures of up to 10 million and more than 170 international trade fairs every year, Germany is seen around the world as the most important place for fairs.