Photojournalism / Editorial Photography | Nominee

Laerke Posselt


Gender Benders


Patriarchy which has been the norm for centuries is dissolving in Northern Europe and other parts of the Western World. Now, 100 years after women in Denmark were given the right to vote, gender is up for negotiation.

The ordinary is under transformation and the boundaries between genders are becoming blurred. With the concept of queer, the young generations are taking feminism to the next level, aiming at challenging the binary view on gender, fighting the categories and dreaming of a freedom of not having to comply with certain norms.

At international fashion weeks, transgenders walked down the catwalk for the world's biggest fashion houses; the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest was both woman and man; at the American Facebook you can choose from up to 50 gender identities; and Denmark changed the law in September so that transgender people are allowed to change their civil registration number from male to female or vice versa, if their gender identity doesn't match their biological gender.