Landscape / Nature | Winner

Daniel Reiter

Munich / DE

Wasser auf Zeit


At first glance, the sprinklers resemble works of art. The perfect arrangement, symmetry and the different structures fascinated me from the beginning. It quickly becomes clear, however, that it is humankind’s vast intervention in nature that causes this. The problems of such irrigation systems are the salinization and waterlogging of soil, as well as the depletion of groundwater reserves. Humankind is appropriating nature, without considering the future.


I was born in 1980 in Munich, where I still live today. After my professional training as a photographer with Peter von Felbert, I worked as an assistant with various photographers. I have been working as a freelance photographer at home and abroad for twelve years. My focus is on reportage, advertising, landscape and portrait photography. My greatest passion is aerial photography.

I work for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies. My work is commercially represented by several picture agencies such as Getty Images.

Since 2015 I have been represented with various work series at Galerie Lumas.

Jury Statement

Daniel Reiter's message supposedly hides behind the artistically very geometrically composed photographs. Everything seems clean and orderly - beautifully structured abstract compositions.

But details point to human life, seemingly choreographed and captured from the air. And this visual certainty of the lines and surfaces quickly proves to be a fallacy in terms of content, for this order is the order of an almost inexorable catastrophe caused by the exploitation of our planet.

Daniel Reiter's landscape shots of irrigation circles express an urgent call for help to save our planet.