Landscape / Nature | Nominee

Peter Franck

Stuttgart / Germany



The pictures shown tell stories of the sea.
They show nature.
Nature seen through the eyeglasses of our cultural history. They show temporal jumps and the continuing visual validity of the seascapes. The story of a landscape that was always there, and became a landscape of stories and histories through the actions and shaping influences of man.
The aim of these images is to illustrate their fragility and the duty to protect them. The tranquillity of the sea may be disturbed by the passage of a ship, a ghost ship with countless stories on board. Elsewhere, the sun appears to draw a line through the heavens. The landscape becomes a stage on which our existence itself is enacted. What remains is nature.


Peter Franck was born in Überlingen/ Germany.

1987 he started studying painting/grafics at the university of fine arts in Nurnberg. 1993 he finished his studys at the university of fine arts/ Stuttgart( Masterclass R.Schoofs).

After this he had his first contacts with photography over his brother who is also an photographer.

With his from fine art paintings influenced photographys he took part at many exhibitions such as the Fotofestival Naarden, the photosummer Stuttgart, the Art Fair Cologne.

Paralell to his photographic work he also continued to work at his paintings which are totally contrasting to the photographic works.

PF lives and works in Stuttgart/Germany