Landscape / Nature | Nominee

Marco Valle

Priverno (Lt) / Italy

Mare Mostrum


The sea and beaches are a symbol of the italian identity. With its 7.000 kilometers of coastline Italy represents the heart of the Mediterranean and it is visited each year by thousands of tourists. This delicate ecosystem is slowly being replaced by a growing overbuilt. New industrial areas, second homes and beach facilities are privatizing a good that should belong to the community. According to ISPRA ( Institute for Environmental Protection and Research ) since the mid-80s, 220 kilometers of coast have disappeared, at the rate of about 8 kilometers per year. Meter by meter, beaches, dunes and cliffs have been lost and replaced by, many times, unfinished structures and degradation. The analyzes conducted by italian NGOs and various infringement procedures by the EU against Italy, show that many highly visited beaches are polluted by raw sewage. It means feces and other organic substances end up into the seas where families and kids spend their summer holidays.


Marco Valle is a photographer involved on environmental and social issues that works between Italy and the United Kingdom. The images captured by his lens describes the critical conditions of many territories and populations living in a close relationship among impacting activities, health and environment.

His images have been published by the Internazionale, Repubblica, National Geographic and other Italian newspapers.

Studies: Environmental Engineering

Photographic studies-Ettore Rolli school, Rome, Italy: First level (2003),
advanced level (2004), Specialization level (2005).

Photojournalism masterclass-WSP photography, Rome (2015-2016)

Between 2013-2014 he worked on the photographic book “L’Italia delle cave” published by Legambiente (NGO). Part of this works has been published by Internzionale.

In 2014 he started to work on the photographic project "Mare Mostrum". First part of this work has been shown in "Casa dell'Architettura" in Rome.

In 2015 he moved in Bristol (UK) and worked in the three most important festival (Hurbour Festival, Red Festival and Baloon Festival).

At the end of 2015 started to work on new project: "Young Community/Old Country".

In 2016 It was finalist in Kathmandu photofestival.