Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Gao Peng & Mei Qiong

Beijing / China



There is an old Chinese saying goes “No joke without a crazy idea, No story without a coincident”. It means that keeping to the beaten track is boring and dull. Only mistakes and mis-happenings would create entertainment. Movies and plays mis-placed everyday character and events, ending up with stories and significance. What I shot are common people and natural views, combined, mixed and happened together in one scene, forging these “funny” or “meaningful’ pictures. An artist create a piece of his or her reflection of the world, which could be the illusion of your heart as well.


Gao Peng graduated from Hebei Normal University of Fine Arts. Now he is working and living in Beijing.

2017 Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition,
2016 The 3rd CAFAM Biennal.Beijing
2016 "Young Artist+"Exhibition,Songzhuang,Beijing
2016 Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia.Beijing
2015 Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival
2015 Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP 2015)
2015 The Civil Power-Beijing Minsheng Art Museum Opening Exhibition
2015 Changjiang International Photography&Video Biennale,Chongqing,China
2014 Beijing One International Arts Of Performance Festival 2014,Beijing,Chin
2013 "Visibility" Contemporary Art Exhibition hosted creation. Shijiazhuang Museum.
2017 Ninth Three Shadows Photography Award (TSPA) Finalist