Fashion Photography | Nominee

Olga Ush

New York / US

Myself & I


The series »Myself & I« is a part of the ongoing project Olga Ush has been working for the past year. This body of work explores the new fashion world, which drastically and positively keeps changing from the standardized, traditional beauty, welcoming the models of all sizes, genders and sexuality. Jake and Joseph Dupont are twins, who identify themselves as gender fluidmodels. They walked both on women and men’s fashion weeks, even though a few years ago that seemed to be impossible for the fashion industry. Jake and Joseph are only a few out of so many, who made it on the fashion podiums, while being different from the traditional look of Victoria Secret angels or mens’ underwear muscular models.


Olga Ush is a New York City based fashion photographer originally coming from Moscow, Russia. She received BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in Photography and Imaging in May 2018.

Olga mainly works with the natural lighting, through which she shows sincerity and candidness of her subjects. The main goal is to display the real emotions and evoke these in the viewers’ minds as well. By collaborating with various artists of different mediums and models of all the genders and backgrounds, all together they create sensual moods, which is relevant and unique to each of them.

Photographer: Olga Ush
Stylist: Ashley Rose Weber Makeup & Hair stylist: Mia Varrone Models: Jake and Joseph Dupont