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Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas

San Isidro / AR www.intagram.com/macidiano

Inmigracion Lgtb en Buenos Aires


Although we left our countries in search of a better future, I find in several immigrants that the implicit and main reason is to find that freedom that is not available at home. This documentary project in process since 2018 was born in the form of my personal experience. Photography seeks me and finds me, forces me to represent those themes that surround me, that touch me closely, that make me suffer and free me, I am a gay immigrant in Buenos Aires.


Born in Perú - Argentina 1981

My first interest in photography took place in Peru, while I was studying

Communication. However, ten years would pass and I would arrive in a new country before I could access my first camera, with which I would make my first trips and my first experiments in the capture and testimony of infinite moments. This first device, although used and somewhat old- fashioned, was completely amalgamated with my concerns and desires: first the landscape, alien and incomprehensible, then its protagonists and therefore its multiple histories. This is how today I present myself as an immigrant, traveling and traveling photographer, eager to witness and why not? to tell the invisible stories, those of the popular minorities, violated, that do not come to one but that one finds them walking, searching, walking and asking.

2014-2016 - School of Creative Photography. Argentina
1999-2005 - Communication Sciences. University of Chiclayo. Peru.

2019 - International Photography Contest Latin American Looks - Differently Equal. First prize.
2018 - Global campus visual contest human Rigths. Venice Italy. First prize.
2018 - XVI National Hall of Visual Arts. Junín, Argentina. Special mention of the jury
2017 - Sony World Photography Awards. London England. National Category of Peru. First and second prize.
2017 - Prize "Performance Humanity Photo Award, UNESCO". Beijing, China
2017 - XIV Documentary Photography Contest "Espacio Tiempo". Trujillo, Peru. Third
2017 - 30th San Cristóbal National Hall "Diversity". Rosario, Argentina First prize.
2016 - Sony World Photography Awards 2016. London, England. National Category of Peru Third Prize.
2016 - Competition "Revelations UN women: economic empowerment of women". Lima Peru. Second prize and Fifth Mention honored.
2015 - Sony World Photography Awards. London England. National Category of Peru. First prize