Photojournalism / Editorial Photography | Nominee

Arez Ghaderi

Sanandaj / Iran



The collection concerns children of Khamir, one of the Southern ports of Iran. As it is demonstrated they live in the suburbs of the port especially the slum parts. The children are deprived of their natural rights as having a deserving educational, recreational, and cultural atmosphere. Seemingly the only recreation and joy they could have is swimming in the only pond of the area.


My name is Arez Ghaderi and I am born on July 31th, 1987 in Sanandaj, Iran.

I started my professional job as a photojournalist in 2003.

I had three personal and more than 30 group exhibitions in photo galleries in Iran and further countries.

I am a member of the Society of Iranian Photographers and used to work as a photojournalist at Iran News Agency.

It has been two years I am teaching photography at Sanandaj art centers and other institutions.

Winner of Portugal Tranversalidades in the cultural section, 2016.
Winner of honorary medal in the 9th International Emirates Photo Competition, 2015.
Winner of the 35th Nikon Photo Contest, 2015.
Winner of the gold medal in the 9th International Biennial Exhibition of Child Photography Poland 2014.
Winner of honorary medal in Slavonia International Mask Photo Contest 2012.
Winner of the 17th International Youth Photography Contest Iran 2010.
Winner of gold medal from PSA Norouz Tajikistan 2016.

Winner of 14 awards in national photo festivals.