Landscape / Nature | Nominee

Saskia Boelsums

Nieuw-Schoonebeek / NL

Dutch Landscapes part II


As a Dutch visual artist and photographer, I carry a rich cultural heritage. That is why I feel a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape painters. That rich history helped to shape me. And at the same time it confronts me with the future. The beauty that I try to capture in my photographs, also hides uncertainty and an undefined threat. I see the skies become more dramatic, the weather is becoming more extreme, our climate is becoming more violent. It looks like the classic historical Dutch landscapes and skies are being pushed out by landscapes and skies that are the result of climate change. I am very aware of that tension.


Visual artist Saskia Boelsums was born in the Netherlands and grew up in
Iran and Curaçao. In Groningen she attended the art academy Minerva and graduated in spatial and graphic design. Since 2013 she has fully focused on photography and achieved great success. Soon she was asked to participate in photographic exhibitions, and she was had many nominations and won a large number of prizes. Saskia has exhibited her work in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Hong Kong and New York.

Selection of Expositions and projects:
Art Fair AAF Hong Kong, May 2019,
Art Fair AAF London, May 2019,
Art Fair KunstRAI, Amsterdam, April 2019
Kunsthalle Charlottenborg Kopenhagen, February 2019
Art Fair PAN, Amsterdam, November 2018
Solo exhibition Galerie Pfundt, Berlin, October 2018
New York Center for Photographic Art, New York, October 2018
Art Fair London, October 2018
Solo exhibition Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam, September 2018
Solo exhibition Natuurmonumenten, Nieuwkoop, September-October 2018
Fotofestival Amersfoort, August-October 2018
Solo Art Fair Art Karlsruhe, February 2018
Solo exhibition at Morris Adjmi Architects, New York City, January-April 2018
Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Osnabrück, October 2017-February 2018
Solo Exhibition Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn, October-December 2017
Viewpoint Gallery, Irvine, Californië, September-October 2017
Galerie Pfundt, Berlin, August 2017
Nordart, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, June-October 2017
Zomerexpo, Museum de Fundatie, May-August 2017
Fotofestival Naarden, May-June 2017
CAFAM museum, Los Angeles, USA, January-March 2017
Darkroom Gallery, Vermont, USA, January 2017
Solo exhibition Concordia, Enschede, December 2016-February 2017
Berliner Liste Art Fair, Sandvoort Gallery, September 2016
MIFA Photo Awards, Moscow, August 2016
KunstRai Art Amsterdam, Kunstruimte Wagemans, June 2016
Refreshment Room Amsterdam, March 2016
Jeffrey Leder Gallery, New York, February-March 2016