Architecture / Industry | Nominee

Kai-Uwe Schulte-Bunert

Berlin / Germany



The Italian state oil company Eni was founded in the 1950s. Its first director, former partisan Enrico Mattei (murdered in 1962), was dedicated to ensuring that functioning social structures should be made available to all employees of the concern. This also included holidays organised by the company.

Together with Carlo Scarpa, the young architect Edoardo Gellner created a holiday complex that ideally combined tradition and modernity. The site, which became known as the ‘Villaggio Eni’, offered 263 holiday houses, hotels, restaurants and a gigantic holiday camp for children.

The place has now been deserted for years. This allowed the photographer to take an undisturbed look at the architectural details. In his work, he combines his view of the architects’ intentions with a search for signs of life that he pinpoints with elements that stand in a relationship of space and function.


Lives in Berlin and Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Born 1969

Studied art history 1990 – 1994
Trained in photography in Italy 1996 - 1997

First own portrait work 1997

Begin of theatre photography 1998

Freelance photographer and artist since 1999

Since then, publications and exhibitions in the theatre/portrait genre

Concerned with space, borders and society since 2002

First solo exhibitions on this topic in 2004

2009 first video works (portraits)

Since 2010, numerous assignments in the architectural sector (including Andrea Oliva, Santiago Calatrava)

Participation at art fairs since 2011