Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Caroline Arnoult

Boucau / FR



This series of photos was directly inspired by viewing a documentary about atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An anecdote on five photographs taken by Matsushige Yoshito (who lived three kilometers from the point of impact and was a reporter in a local newspaper), escaped the radiation and recovered miraculously intact. These snapshots of children and adolescents have researched survivors or families who can identify them and witness the drama. And if these photographs had been taken a few fractions of seconds before the impact?A thick cloud of particles imprisons the characters, they seem like suspended in time just before their life tilts. Hibakusha is the name given to the survivors of atomic bombing, they were sidelined from Japanese society for a long time for fear of radiation and lack of information about the effects on the human body that many thought contagious. As a result, unfortunately very few Hibakushas dared to testify.


Caroline Arnoult initially followed a classical artistic formation, enabling her to express her personal idea of representation through painting and drawing. Her attraction for the univers of images will push her to an artistic formation as make-up artist, giving her the opportunity to develop her qualities and her own sensitivity on shorts movies and for studios.

It is in the practice of photography that she will discover the medium of expression closest to her sweet and poetic universe and that she will develop initially through portraits and creative reports. Always eager for knowledge and new encounters she will be interested in the work of studio photography while simultaneously following an acting and staging training at the cours Florent. Drawing on the techniques of acting and directing, Caroline guides her models with sensitivity bringing out their personalities and their human qualities for a personal and timeless result.

Contest / Exhibition

  • 2018 may : 2016 oct : 2016 oct : 2015 déc : 2015 sept :
  • Selected for the Fashion Talent Photography & Transversality
  • Selected for the PARIS ARTISTES TRAIL 2016
    Exhibition «Regard sur soi, regard sur l’autre» Galerie RASTOLL Paris
  • Selected for le Great Prize of female Photography
  • Selected for the Fashion Talent Photography