Landscape / Nature | Nominee

Md. Akhlas Uddin

Sylhet / BD

Rohingya Refugee Camp


Natural hills and forests destroyed due to the Rohingyas settlement. Forest of Tk.1865 Million in Ukhia and Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar has been destroyed due to the settlement of Rohingya. The environment, forests and biodiversity are under threat. 6,163 acres of forest has been destroyed. Apart from this, Asian elephant habitats and amphibious areas have been damaged in the settlement. If the forests of Ukhia and Teknaf continue to go on for long, forest department fears it will be completely destroyed. Due to the Rohingya settlement, forest department has felt pressure has been created due to the forest department. Ministry officials say that Rohingyas need 6,800 tonnes of fuel wood per month. Although the Rohingya people are given various types of relief materials, cooking is not done for cooking. As a result, they are collecting fuel wood from the forests every day.


I am Md. Akhlas Uddin, Documentary photographer, Born 1974.
Living in Sylhet, Bangladesh.
I am a self-taught photographer, starting my career as a photographer since in 1995.
I completed many deferent photographic course/workshop from SPS/PATHSHALA and BRAC University
Completed Telling the Story International Photojournalism Workshop by OUC- PATHSHALA 2013 in Dhaka.
Completed Photography Course On SRHR 2017 from James P Grant School of Public Health/Brac University.
Workshop On Caring Men: “Masculinities, Care work and Art” 2014.

I am a Member of Sylhet Photographic Society (SPS) Contributor in Getty Images & DPA


I received about 150 awards from National, International and Clubs Photo Competitions. Including FIAP, PSA, UPI, TSC, BPS, BSPA & SPS Gold Medals/Trophy and more remarkable awards like:
Prince Naris Award in Thailand 201
FCCT/OnAsia Photojournalism Award in Thailand
Days Japan Photojournalism Award in Japan
Xposure Photography Festival Award 2016 in Sharjah
Asahi Shimbun Award, Japan
Tourism in the world in Sanmarino
Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria
Celebrating Life Awards in Bangladesh and many more countries.
I was nominated for the Prix Picket Award 2013 in UK
Performance and Documentary Award in Humanity Photo Awards 2017 (HPA) China Recipient Merit Medal in HIPA 7th. Season, Dubai
Arbella TV 2019.