Best Work by an Emerging Photographer | Nominee

Timo Tomkel


Tiny Room


The »Tiny Room« photo series addresses a contemporary problem in our society: the housing shortage. I experienced for myself how difficult it can be to find a place to live, which gave impetus to this conceptual work. The photos show what it is like to live in the smallest of spaces. Each picture contains multiples of a single item, reflecting the affluence of today’s society and the mass consumption of household objects – in contrast to the scarcity of living space. Initially, the seemingly perfect photos deceive the viewer with their minimalistic 70s style. Only a look at the last picture reveals the reality. The chosen 70s style alludes to the time when the mass construction of apartment buildings had reached its peak and when, in contrast to today, the government was responding to the great demand for living space. The photos should not just reflect the problem, but should also be thought-provoking for the viewer. How much living space does one person actually need? Photography: Timo Tomkel Setdesign: Emily Kühn


Already at a young age Timo Tomkel developed a strong connection to nature through the rural character of his homeland and his later work in a local environmental centre, which quickly aroused enthusiasm for landscape photography.

Already during his high school graduation and his subsequent studies in landscape architecture, he travelled all over Germany as a landscape and lifestyle photographer and worked together with Samsung and the Danish company Rains, among others.

Since 2018 his photography has developed strongly in the direction of conceptual works that primarily combine portraits and architecture.

In the same year he began training as a photographer in the field of product photography.