Architecture / Industry | Nominee

Andreas Zierhut

Darmstadt / Germany

4 Quadratmeter Existenz


The sides of the Belassis Road are lined with small boxes with a floor space of not quite two-metres square.
Electricity and a telephone connection.
Each of them is a typing ‘centre’.
Each of them is an existence for someone.

The services they offer: writing of letters, translation and filling out official forms with ancient electric typewriters.
Here, around 20 typing centres stand in a row.

Other quarters are also home to similar boxes: mechanics, electricians, knife grinders or plastic waste pickers. In India, around 44 million micro-enterprises of this kind earn a daily living for the entrepreneurs and their families.


Andreas Zierhut was born in 1960 in the Ruhr region of Germany and lives in Darmstadt.
The graduate in photographic design is married, has two children and works predominantly as an advertising photographer. His freelance creative work ranges from reportage from areas of conflict to the ironically orchestrated realities of meaningless universes of abundance.

2014 BFF / Gold Award
2013 Nominated for the Felix Schoeller Photo Award
2012 BFF / Gold Award
2010 BFF / Merit Award
2009 DTDF / ‘Hoffnungsträger’ exhibition (Afghanistan)
2008 BFF / Merit Award
2007 Second trip to Afghanistan
a) OSB exhibition in Goethe-Institut
b) Collaboration with Lukas Einsele on the project ‘Afghanische Hoffnungsträger’
2006 Group exhibition in Xining / PR China
2004 DTDF / ‘Afghanistan’ exhibition
2002 / 04 Travel to ‘One-Step-Beyond’ landmine projects with artist Lukas Einsele / Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia
2003 ‘Afghanistan’ / Madrid / ‘Liquidation total’ gallery and Goethe-Institut
2003 ‘Afghanistan’ / Freiburg
1997 ‘Weisse Wege in Berlin’, Kalenderschau Stuttgart
highly commended
1995 Group exhibition Kunsthalle Darmstadt
1994 / 97 ‘Jetzt geht's los’ / Goethe-Institut
1993 ‘Ruhr modern’ / Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet / Hertener Fototage
1992 / 96 ‘Morgen wird es besser werden’ – GDR - East Germany
worldwide touring exhibition / Goethe-Institut
1992 / 93 ‘Ich wohne also bin ich’ /
for the ‘Oikos’ exhibition / Deutscher Werkbund
1991 BFF - Commendation for ‘Steinhof - Die Irrenanstalt von Wien’
1987 ‘Die andere Metropole’ / Triennale in Milan