Best Work by an Emerging Photographer | Nominee

Stini Röhrs

Berlin / Germany



A week on the autobahn: Life between unlimited speed and gridlock, luxury limousines and trucks, porta potties and Sanifair, fast food and Red Bull.
I drove all around Germany for a whole seven days.
The mobilised masses drive on the autobahn at a minimum of 60 km/h, without contraflow and crossroads. On two to four lanes of grey tarmac, with only getting from A to B without stopping in mind. This is where deceleration meets acceleration, mobility and dynamics meet gridlock, and where the dream of progress meets environmental problems. Despite the endless grey, life on the autobahn has many facets – this is where all levels of society come together. I met autobahn pastors, pilgrims, toilet cleaners, ‘bratwurst’ sellers, executives, people travelling and people waiting, construction workers, military personnel, speed freaks and people in sorrow. I wanted to see how the non-place autobahn generates new human habitats, was surprised in many ways on my visual journey, and I was not disappointed.


Stini Röhrs, born 1987, lives and works in Berlin.

After completion of her masters degree in art history at the Free University of Berlin, she studied for a masters in visual communication in the class of Professor Fons Hickmann at the Institute for Transmedia Design at the Berlin University of Arts.

The focus of her work lies on photography and film. In this, she plays with social conventions, standards and absurdities, everyday life and the borders between intentionally staged and documentary photography.

Her work has been shown at exhibitions in cities including New York, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig and Berlin.