Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Igor Tereshkov

Moscow / RU

Oil and Moss


Shot on 35 mm film, oil-containing liquid from spills in KhMAO was used at stage of film developing. Oil randomly destroys gelatinous «flesh« of film, deforms it with holes and scratches it exactly as the harmed environment deformed under oil spillage. Near Surgut, Russia in Russkinskaya village, lives Antonina Tevlina, her parents still live an indigenous way of life. Nomadize and grazing reindeers at ancestral territory of about 600 hectares, they faced a new problem, oil producers came to their land. Oil spills, pollution of water, destruction of ecosystem, all this leads to a reduction of the number of the reindeers. About 50 % of Russian oil produced in KhMAO, licensed areas often coincide with the places of residence of indigenous people. Local oil workers joke about KhMAO, that this is one large licensed area for oil production. About 1.5 mil. tons of oil are poured out annually to the environment in Russian, this figure approximately twice the volume of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


Igor Tereshkov is an Moscow based photographer, born in Energodar (USSR, Ukraine). Working in documentary and post-documentary photography mediums, experimenting with alternative photo process, cyanotypes and self-made alternative film developing. Researching themes of ecology, environment and indigenous people.

Study documentary photography and photojournalism, at School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc in Saint-Petersburg.

  • Espy photo award, analog winner 2019 -
  • CENTER Awards Project Launch Grant 2019 -
  • PhD Festival 2018 (special prize for photo series, TSU Higher School of Journalism)
  • “Non happenstance bystander“ Human rights house in Voroneg (special prize for photo series)
  • Photography Grant , Daily-Life category nominee
  • "VZLET" 2017, an exhibition project in the field of modern culture, in direction of „Photography”.