Free Choice / Conceptual Photography | Nominee

Andreas Zierhut

Darmstadt / DE

Land ohne Tränen


In 2002, shortly after the end of the war, I travelled to Afghanistan to take photographs of landmines there. What struck me more than the mines was how sad a country is that has been marked and destroyed by such a long war. Therefore, in addition to my actual task, my main focus was on capturing the following: sadness. The pictures were taken in Kabul and in the North, in the Shomali Plain. Photographed in analogue with a full frame sensor in 6x7 format. There would be a story to tell for every picture in every setting – but I don’t do that. In essence, they are a story of sadness.


Andreas Zierhut was born in 1960 in the Ruhr area and lives in Darmstadt.

The studied photo designer is married, has two children and works mainly as an advertising photographer. His free artistic work ranges from reportages in crisis areas to the ironically staged reality of meaningless affluent worlds.

2018 2 x First Prize Winner "E1R1

2017 Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Nominee

2014 BFF / Gold Award

2013 Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Nominee

2012 BFF / Gold Award

2010 BFF / Merit

2009 DTDF / Exhibition "Bearer of Hope" (Afghanistan)

2008 BFF / Merit

2007 Second trip to Afghanistan a) Exhibition OSB at the Goethe Institute b) Working with Lukas Einsele on the project "Afghan Bearers of Hope“

2006 Group exhibition in Xining / PRC

2004 DTDF / Exhibition "Afghanistan“

2003 "Afghanistan" / Madrid / Gallery "Liquidation total" and Goethe Institute
2003 "Afghanistan" / Freiburg

2002 / Four travels with the artist Lukas Einsele to the landmine project "One-Step-Beyond" / Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia

1997 "Weiße Wege in Berlin", Calendar Show Stuttgart, Honorable Mention

1995 Group exhibition Kunsthalle Darmstadt

1994 / 97 "Here we go" / Goethe-Institut

1993 "Ruhr modern" / Initiativkreis Ruhrgebiet / Herten Photo Days

1992 / 96 "Tomorrow will get better" - GDR - East Germany worldwide travelling exhibition / Goethe-Institut

1992 / 93 "I live so I am" / To the exhibition "Oikos" / Deutscher Werkbund

1991 BFF – Honorable Mention for "Steinhof - The lunatic asylum of Vienna

1987 "The other metropolis" / Triennale in Milan