Fashion Photography | Nominee

Raphael Hadad

Zürich / CH



The models on the photos of the ERDEM fashion collection seem to float almost weightlessly. The models and their outfits seem to be surreally staged, as if space astronauts in their designer uniforms were being swept away from reality by a stronger force. The images are intended to express a sense of ease and levity, while also playing with the illusion that both time and fashion are infinite and imperishable entities. The playful flower patterns and cheerful accents on the clothes, designed by Moralioglu, are perfectly staged by the youthful freshness of the models under the cool blue-gray light. The use of spring-like designs conveys an airiness that is otherwise rarely seen in the heavier fabrics used for winter clothing.


Raphael Hadad, born 1984 in Zurich. My roots are as diverse as my life. My mother was born in Switzerland. My father was born in Iraq. As a child he had to flee with his family to Israel, because they were persecuted because of their Jewish faith. Their lives were marked by fear, flight and hope. His life story has shaped me and continues to fascinate me today.

Through my grandfather I came to photography. Together we took photos and developed the negative films in long work in our own darkroom. With 8 years my Christmas and birthday wish was finally answered and I became proud owner of an analog Minolta camera. The photography as a hobby accompanied me also during my apprenticeship as a computer scientist at the bank and also during my activity as a project manager in the IT. From my parents' house I learned early on that social justice is important and that you can move things with courage and commitment. And so I got involved in a socialist youth federation as a teenager and became involved in political issues.

At the age of 27, I followed my heart's desire and gave up my secure job at the bank in order to devote myself fully to my passion - photography. Two themes are particularly important to me: portrait photography and fashion photography. I prefer to devote myself to my own photography projects, which take me to all corners of the world. My aim is not only to come home with photos that tell a story. They should also touch and move.