German Peace Prize for Photography | Nominee

Sameer Al-Doumy

Paris / FR

Peace is ..


Peace could have different meanings depending on the geographical spot and its circumstances. In Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, peace could be children playing on swings made of rockets that were sent to kill them, peace could be youth playing soccer at their destroyed school, peace could be children playing with their bikes, not caring about the warplanes and destruction around them, peace could be a man who still makes bread in his destroyed bakery, peace could be people who still going on despite all the tough circumstances around them.


High School (Bachelor) in Douma Secondary School, Syria, 2008-2012

Agence France-Presse ( Eastern Ghouta, Syria and Paris Freelance photographer in Syria October 2014 until now. Covering the events of war in my area, documenting the siege of Ghouta that continued for over five years.
Covering the acts of the Yellow Vests in Paris.

Shafak Organisation ( Gaziantep, Turkey

Media Assistant July 2017 - January 2018. Organizing the Media department, siting a media policy, a social media policy, the evaluation plan.
Coordinating with the international partners in order to provide them with the required media coverage.
Coordinating and organizing the team in Syria besides developing their skills.

Ghouta advocacy campaign ( Istanbul, Turkey

Media Coordinator, Social Media marketing officer, January 2018 – March 2018. Receiving the media requests during the last military attack on Eastern Ghouta and coordinating with the people in the field in order to link them with the media.
Follow up the production of the media products like (Animation, Infographic, Video report, Comics etc..)
Managing the Social Media Marketing for the Facebook page, Twitter account and the Website.

Fikra Productions ( Douma, Syria

Executive manager, Videographer, February 2015 – May 2017. Follow up with our team from designers and video editors in order to provide clients’ requirements.

Doing the videos and photos for the company.

Awards and Grants:
World Press Photo: 1st Prize in the Spot News Stories 2016
Istanbul Photo Awards: 5th Place in Single News 2016
Prix de la Photographie, Paris: Silver Prize at Feature Stories 2018
International Photography Awards: 3rd Place in War/Conflict 2016 and General News 2018