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Vedad Divovic

Hamburg / DE https://divovic.com

Schöne Bilder Meiner Mutter


«Beautiful Pictures of My Mother« is a long-term project on the subject of my relationship to my mother, Sabina Zeljo from Sarajevo. Since the beginning of my photography studies in Germany, contact to my home country – and also to my mother – has become rare. The distance has done our relationship good. In my photos, I show two sides to Sabina: the way she likes to be perceived in public and the way I experience situations with her, in which she reveals an intimacy and vulnerability.


I was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina . In 2016 I finished my studies in photography and media at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

In my photographic work, my main interest lies in photography with socially critical and politically relevant themes. My main goal is to tell stories about the people affected by the issues I work on and to raise awareness of them.

In my opinion, a photographer and anyone who can publish have the responsibility to talk about problems in our society. At the moment I live and work in Hamburg.