Photojournalism / Editorial Photography | Nominee

Sascha Fromm

Elleben / DE

438 Days


After 438 negotiation days one of the longest and most expensive lawsuits in German history endet in Munich, Germany. The court case against the National Socialist Underground (NSU) had began in May 2013 at the Munich Higher Regional Court. With 5 defendants, their 14 defense lawyers, 95 accessory plaintiffs, 60 accessory prosecutors, 5 main judges and 596 witnesses and experts, this monumental trial will go down in German history. In court stood the main defendant Beate Zschäpe, the only surviving member of Neo-Nazi group and four suspected helpers. Zschäpe was accused of complicity in the murders of a Greek, eight Turks and a German police woman across Germany between 2000 and 2007. Also two bombings in immigrant areas in the town of Cologne and 15 bank robberies across Germany go to the account of that secret Neo-Nazi trio. A case that shocked Germany after two suspects of the group had committed suicide following a failed bank robbery in November 2011in Eisenach, Germany.


Sascha Fromm has worked as a full-time photojournalist for the Thüringer Allgemeine in Erfurt, Germany, since 1990.

His specialties are sports and reportage. He has reported on 12 Olympic Games as well as World and European Championships. In cooperation with UNICEF, he has also produced reports in countries such as Niger, Mozambique, Darfur in Sudan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Guatemala and Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami.